Become a Vice President

Become an Individual Vice President

If you would like to support the work of the The Welsh Charitables RFC, then why not become a member and help us raise money for worthwhile causes in Wales? Our members receive notifications and invitations to all our fundraising events. You will also receive a specially designed members tie presented by a former Wales Rugby international at our annual vice presidents dinner. 

If you would like to become a member then please download our members invitation letter and members application form.

Membership Fee: £60

Download the VP Invitation here

Download the VP Application here

Become a Corporate Vice President

We are also looking for corporate membership. Corporate Members will receive a plaque at one of our dinners, presented by a former Welsh Rugby International. Corporate members will also be listed on our website, with a short company profile, contact details and website link. You will also receive notification and invitations to our events. 

If you would like your business to be a member then please download our corporate members invitation letter and application form.

Corporate Membership Fee: £250 

Download the Corporate VP Invitation here

Download the Corporate VP Application here

Our Honorary Vice Presidents Include

  • Sir Gareth Edwards CBE
  • JPR Williams MBE
  • Clive Rowlands OBE
  • Terry Cobner
  • Phil Bennett OBE
  • Delme Thomas BEM
  • David Watkins MBE
  • Shane Williams MBE
  • Ryan Jones
  • Ian Gough
  • Graham Price MBE
  • Bobby Windsor 
  • Charlie Faulkner
  • Gerald Davies CBE
  • Max Boyce MBE
  • John Dawes OBE
  • Dai Morris

Founding Officers & Life Vice Presidents

Patron: J.P.R. Williams MBE FRCS

President: R.I. Davies

Chairman: R.W. Windsor

Vice Chairman: Mike Grindle

Hon. Secretary: Vacant

Hon. Asst Club Secretary: Mike Vernall

  • Daunter Baker
  • T R Baxter-Wright
  • Howard Alan Bayley
  • Roger Beese
  • Mark J Bodenham
  • Michael J Bodenham
  • Paul J Bodenham
  • John Burke
  • Tony Burnett
  • Paul Cahill
  • Brian Cantello
  • Stefan Peter Cegielski
  • Alan Chorlton
  • J Clifford
  • Greg Cole
  • Leonard Cole
  • Luke Cole
  • Norman Cole
  • Thomas Cole
  • Lyn Collins
  • Gary Cook
  • Andrew J P Crawford
  • Croesyceiliog RFC
  • Cwmbran RFC
  • Nigel R Davies
  • Steve Davies
  • Alan Joseph Eckley
  • Norman Evans
  • Jon Everett
  • Alan K Faulkner
  • B A Faulkner
  • Les Gallagher
  • Andrew Gallivan
  • R M Gray
  • Terry Greenhaf
  • Ian Greening
  • John Harris
  • Neal Harris
  • Phillip Hathaway
  • Christopher Howell
  • Humphry Hughes
  • Roger Jenkins
  • Paul Johnson
  • Alan Jones
  • Gareth Jones
  • H Jones
  • Martin Jones
  • Michael Kelly
  • Darrel J Kors-Haven
  • Revd Malcolm C G Lane JP
  • R.G Love
  • H.J Mainwaring
  • P W Maunder
  • Christopher R Mellen
  • Graham Miller
  • Old Nags RFC
  • John Pardoe
  • John Pask
  • Don Peake
  • Clive Perry
  • Neil Brook Perry LLB
  • E D Phillips
  • Paul D Powell
  • Johnny Power
  • George Read
  • William James Rowe
  • Bryan Rowland
  • Nigel Saunders
  • Karl Say
  • Martin Short
  • T J Smith
  • M J Southwood
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Roy E Stevens
  • David Stokes
  • Gareth Stokes
  • Neal Taylor
  • Alan Thomas
  • C M Thomas
  • Dr M Thomas
  • Piers Thomas
  • Ronald Thomas
  • Paul Thorburn
  • Scott Tovey
  • Bob Urie
  • Paul Urie
  • Adrian Vaughan
  • Dean Walker
  • Martin G Walsh
  • Keith Watkins
  • Paddy Watkins
  • Carl Weston
  • Michael Whitson
  • Les Willey
  • Idris James Williams
  • Michael J Williams
  • Nathan J Williams
  • Roger Wolfe
  • Jeff Wood
  • Arthur Young